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Endeavor is an expression of our commitment to evolving outside the edges of the map - a community with a deep appreciation for all things oak, where we share our most adventurous projects from our barrel cellar.

2024 holds the promise of a brand new era, where we’ll continue pushing the boundaries of our barrel aging program to share our most adventurous and rare projects with our members.   

We can hardly wait to welcome new members into our community.

photo of dripping barrel

What are the benefits of being an Endeavor member?

  • 2 unique members-only bottles (500ml) per quarter - (8) total
  • Early access to other barrel aged beers
  • Exclusive member events
  • Members-only glassware and shirt
  • 10% discount on draft and merch in the taproom

photo of barrel on fire

How long is the membership?

Membership lasts each calendar year - January through December.

photo of brewing

How does the membership work?

Endeavor membership will be managed through Oznr. Members will automatically have the ability to purchase bottles through the app in advance of the public release, and member-only bottles will be automatically added into your account for pickup.


photo of 2023 Endeavor bottles

2023 Endeavor Age of Monsters bottles

Quarter 1
Triple Mash Here Be Monsters - Pappy Van Winkle
Here Be Monsters - George T. Stagg

Quarter 2
Reflective Illusion (Collab with Phase Three)
Here Be Monsters - William Larue Weller

Quarter 3
Here Be Monsters - E.H. Taylor
Here Be Monsters with Cacao

Quarter 4
Here Be Monsters - 18 Year Sazerac
Age of Monsters (member-selected blend)

Endeavor Blending 2023-13
Endeavor Blending 2023-12
Endeavor 2023 Party-1
Endeavor 2023 Party-3
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