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We recognize that our craft doesn't inherently make the earth a greener place. As a neighborhood brewery that cares deeply about bettering our community, we are committed to adopting sustainable policies and practices to mitigate our long-term environmental impact. Here are a few of our highlights so far:


  • 96% of all of our beer is packaged in aluminum cans. Aluminum is lighter than glass (therefore easier to ship) and infinitely recyclable - 73% of our average can contains already-recycled aluminum
  • 70% of our yeast is propagated in-house, rather than purchasing a new pitch for each brew
  • 100% of our spent grain is donated to a local cattle ranch
  • In 2019, we switched from all CO2 to a N2/CO2 gas blend for serving beer in our taproom in order to reduce our carbon footprint. This simply means that for every beer poured, we use less carbon dioxide.


  • We utilize reusable keg pallet straps and PalletWrapz for all of our in-house pallet transfers. We estimate this saves 5,000 feet of plastic wrap annually
  • We recycle all our plastic gloves with Terracycle's Zero Waste Box, diverting about 8 cubic feet of waste annually
  • We moved away from non-recyclable HDPE plastic 4-pack holders to cardboard ones, saving close to 12,500 pounds of plastic annually
  • We partner with the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials in Boulder to recycle all of our pallet wrap from incoming shipments and empty grain bags, diverting close to 6,500 total grain bags from our local landfill so far
  • Grain bag liners are repurposed to create composite decking - a long-lasting product that doesn’t require treatment with toxic chemicals and decreases the burden on hardwood trees typically used to construct decks


Our Congress Park brewhouse is designed to allow us to recapture the water flowing through our heat exchanger for use in the next brew via our hot liquor tank (HLT). Not only does this decrease our overall water usage, but it also decreases the energy required to heat the water. Our new brewhouse at our Aurora Arts District location was designed to maximize energy recapture as well - including a steam condensate return system which loops pre-heated water back into the HLT.

In 2022 we purchased an electric delivery van - a third of our fleet is now electric, reducing our fossil fuel consumption.