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Ripe Trait

We took our House IPA, Rare Trait and added 600 lbs of Crest Haven & Sun Crest peaches from Bella Bolettino Farms in Palisade, CO.

Our Lead Brewer, Robbie Rosemann made the trek down to Bella Bolletinno Farms last week and picked up 600 lbs of peaches and met with the family who owns and operates the farm.

“Once I started chatting with Dr. Chris Young, I realized how passionate and dedicated they are about their farm. They have extremely high standards for their peaches and I feel we have similar values when it comes to our beer.”
-Robbie Rosemann (Lead Brewer)

About Bella Bolettino Farms:
In 1940 Leon Young and Ilda Bolettino married and eventually settled in Palisade, Colorado after purchasing this farm in 1957.  They farmed the land for decades but over the years various parcels were sectioned off and sold.  The last parcel remained in the family and recently Dr. Chris Young, Leon and Ilda’s son, decided to replant peaches.  He and his wife, Cheryl, built their home and moved in fall 2015.
– Bella Bolettino Farms. Palisade, Colorado
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