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Mega Krocodile Kilometer


For the third iteration of our Kroc collab series with Other Half, we wanted to build off of what we worked on together for Krocodile Kilometer and Super Krocodile Kilometer. We used the same oat-laden grain bill, but amped up the hop techniques used to really mega-ify this Kroc.

We utilized Citra Cryo and Riwaka SubZero HopKief to dry hop this version of Kroc three separate times to layer higher concentrations of hop oils. To understand what makes Cryo and HopKief so innovative, we’ll take a step back to explain the hops typically used in brewing – T90 hop pellets. The number 90 means the pellets contain 90% green matter and the other 10% is lupulin, the oil inside the hop plant that creates expressive flavors and aromas.

Both Cryo hops and HopKief are concentrated hop products, meaning that they contain more lupulin than regular T90 pellets, therefore more intense hop aroma, flavor and experience overall. This particular batch of HopKief we used was a super limited release of Riwaka that we were saving for the perfect occasion when this Kroc stepped up to the challenge.