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Cerebral Brewing is and always will be a neighborhood brewery. We exist to share an artistic expression through beer while engaging deeply with our community. Our vision is to create a positive impact in everything we do - using our beer to support causes we care about while working to better ourselves and our local environment. The values below guide us and influence our work on a daily basis. 


Accountability is central to ensuring quality: from the products we produce to the company culture we strive to foster, all these endeavors are reflected in the experience we aim to provide for our customers. Internally, we use individual autonomy as a tool to empower our passionate team, emphasizing stewardship at all levels and in the process giving everyone the resources needed to to deliver exceptional beer and service. Externally, we seek to create and release only the best expressions of our talents while fostering a welcoming, inclusive environment for anyone who enters any of our spaces.


Our best ideas are the product of vocal participation and feedback.  Open communication sets the tone for creativity, gratitude, clear expectations and transparency. Being able to relate with the perspectives, challenges and experiences of our coworkers and customers leads to a more profound ability to understand others while being understood in return. Our sense of fellowship informs how we work together to overcome hurdles and celebrate successes.


We value curiosity, iteration, exploration and experimentation. This means challenging ourselves to continue to adapt and change, empowering our employees to pursue new knowledge and skills, seeking transparency and learning together with both our team and our patrons. We focus on forming new collaborative relationships both within our industry and our community at large. We strive to maintain a learner’s mindset and embrace new opportunities in the pursuit of betterment. We prioritize evolution over expansion.

Code of Conduct

We exist to share an artistic expression through beer while engaging deeply with our community. We celebrate equity, diversity and inclusivity and strive to foster a welcoming environment for anyone who enters our spaces.

We believe:

  • Our community is strengthened by differences in culture encompassing varying identities such as ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, medical condition, ability, religion/spirituality, veteran status and any other individual characteristics that make us unique
  • This code of conduct is a reflection of our values, rather than a legal requirement
  • We have a responsibility and a strong desire to treat others with courtesy, dignity and respect

We have a zero-tolerance policy in place to keep our staff and customers safe. We will respond quickly and effectively to all instances of harassment or discrimination. Harassment means any unwelcome and inappropriate verbal or physical conduct, or coercive behavior, where the behavior is known or reasonably ought to be recognized as unwanted or unwelcome. This policy extends to the digital world and all of our social media channels.

There is no wrong way to report misconduct. If you see something, please say something. Discrimination grows in silence. Customers can talk to any staff member or report incidents to [email protected]. Employees can communicate misconduct to any leader, HR, or via our anonymous reporting platform (WeVow).