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R&D Lab: A Glimpse of Something


R&D Lab is our playground for experimenting within the styles we already know and love, but utilizing elements that are not typical for our beers – new malt combinations, different hops, new techniques. Releases from the R&D Lab are brewed at our original brewhouse, and are available on draft only. These beers expand outside the lines of our normal releases – so expect something slightly different from our traditional style, but the same level of unwavering quality. 


001: A Glimpse of Something
The very first release from the R&D Lab is A Glimpse of Something - an IPA inspired by beers in the Northeast. A Glimpse of Something utilizes a traditional English yeast strain that produces delicate, fruity characteristics. It employs a new malt bill for us (2 row, Vienna, golden naked oats, carafoam and flaked oats), which yields a soft, pillowy mouthfeel. The hop profile is simple - a touch of Simcoe in the boil and a heavy dose of Citra in the whirlpool and dry hop.