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Neon Lite

Colfax Lager

Our Denver taproom is nestled just a few feet off Colfax Ave. In fact, when we first signed the lease we had a Colfax address (until the post office changed it). This iconic street is littered with local landmarks: from Casa Bonita and the Capitol Building to the Squire Lounge and the Bluebird Theater. When we bought a building precisely four miles east at Colfax and Florence in the Aurora Arts District, we knew we had to brew a beer to celebrate the Ave we know and love.

This American Corn Lager is our ode to Colfax. It’s exactly what we want to drink at our local dive bar, concert venue, or park hang. Corn is often (negatively) associated with mass-produced beers, but its use in this recipe helps dry out the pilsner malt and showcase the delicate hop bill. The result is a clean, refreshing beer that we revisit again and again.