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Here Be Monsters – Single Barrel Select

Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

From its inception, this beer has lived up to its name. Or perhaps the lesson here is be careful what you name your creations….an enigmatic creature that lives “beyond the map’s edge.” And it’s that tagline that has continually inspired us to push further into uncharted territory, further out to sea.


Barrel #98 (01/2020)
Aged 22 months in a single Laws Secale Straight Rye Whiskey barrel. Collaboration with Mr. B's Wine & Spirits.
Barrel #106 (01/2020)
Aged 22 months in a single 9 year George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey barrel.
Barrel #149 (09/2020)
Aged 23 months in a single 8 year Blanton's bourbon barrel. Conditioned on meadowfoam maple honey. Collaboration with Bottle Logic Brewing.
Barrel #191 (03/2021)
Aged 20 months in a single 7 year Weller Antique bourbon barrel. Draft only.
Barrel #323 (02/2022)
Aged 24 months in a single 14 year Elijah Craig bourbon barrel.
Barrel #317 (07/2022)
Aged 28 months in a single 6 year Booker's bourbon barrel.