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Double Barrel Here Be Monsters

Double Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

You’ve encountered the colossus before, but this time it emerges double-headed from the depths.

For our fourth iteration of Double Barrel Here Be Monsters, we began by aging the stout for 14 months in a hand-selected, 9-year EH Taylor small batch bourbon barrels. Afterwards, we patiently waited while the beer laid to rest in BLiS maple syrup bourbon barrels for 11 more months. We’re excited to unveil another iteration of this beer as we continue to experiment with both common and unusual finishing barrels for our beloved flagship Imperial Stout.


Blend 01 - Tawny Port (04/2020)
Aged 12 months in Breckenridge Tawny Port finished Bourbon barrels then 12 months in Willett Family Reserve Bourbon barrels.
Blend 02 - Blackberry Whiskey (12/2021)
Aged 16 months in 7 year Weller Antique 107 Bourbon barrels then 6 months in Leopold Bros. Rocky Mountain Blackberry Whiskey barrels.
Blend 03 - XO Cognac (04/2022)
Aged 13 months in 14-year Elijah Craig bourbon barrels followed by 11 months in XO Cognac barrels.
Batch 04 - BLiS Maple Syrup (03/2023)
Aged 14 months in 9-year EH Taylor small batch bourbon barrels, followed by 11 months in BLiS maple syrup bourbon barrels.