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Competing Cravings

BA Imperial Stout

When we had Other Half come out to brew the first Krocodile Kilometer a couple years ago, we also brewed a stout with them, and picked out a couple barrels to rest it in. We didn’t know what the release would end up becoming, but knew we wanted to release it for a special occasion, and their 10th anniversary is just that.

We identified 12 Year Elijah Craig and 12 Year Weller bourbon barrels as the perfect aging vessel for this stout. 12 Year barrels are the sweet spot where we get the ideal balance between barrel and spirit character, and after aging for 26 months, this stout was ready.

When choosing what ingredients to pair the base stout with, we wanted to take a page out of Other Half’s book and pushed ourselves to think outside the box. To add some complexity and salt character, we added salted pretzels. To complement the saltiness, we added cacao, caramel and caramel-toasted coconut chips. Altogether Competing Cravings is the perfect treat for stout lovers and snack enthusiasts alike.