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Baked Epiphany

King Cake Pastry Blonde

If you’re unfamiliar with this tradition, then you’re in dire need…of a Cajun friend…a Gulf Coast trip…a New Orleans moment…or, hell, at the very least a night listening to Professor Longhair. The King Cake Baby is about luck, but also obligation…lucky if you find him, but also obliged to get next year’s cake. With that spirit in mind, we’ve added ONE baby to the label of ONE can in every case…so, when you and yours are reaching in the fridge to get a little liquid Mardi Gras, well, whoever gets Da Baby might be the lucky one…but they are also buying the next round.


Dark chocolate chips, Ghanaian cacao nibs, cinnamon, Bavarian cream natural flavor & vanilla
Walnut, marshmallow, amaretto natural flavor