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Astral Predator

Barrel Aged Barleywine & Imperial Stout Blend

Taking flight in the dark of night, a colossus spreads its wings. Swooping through the stars, Astral Predator has awakened after 2 long years…

A few months ago, Kyle from Horus Aged Ales visited us for a blending session at the brewery. We share a mutual love for the art of blending different barrels and styles, and we wanted to create something truly unique together with this release. Over the course of a day, we pulled nails from 10 barrels containing a few different recipes of Imperial Stout along with some barrels of our English Barleywine, Celestial Origin. We selected 3 casks for the final blend:

– Double Mash Stout brewed with a touch of Vermont maple sugar & maple syrup, aged 23 months in a 10 year Templeton Rye Whiskey barrel
– Double Mash Barleywine aged 25 months in a French XO Cognac barrel
– Double Mash Barleywine aged 28 months in a 9 Year EH Taylor Bourbon barrel

All together, we get complex notes of Raisinets, Dutch Cocoa Powder and Sticky Toffee Pudding.