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Nordic Noir

Foeder Fermented Baltic Porter

Here’s the formula: a grizzly crime, a bleak location, a tortured protagonist, dour locals, and twists galore. Let’s set the scene…The crime: Foeder Baltic Porter? I mean, that’s more of a gem than a crime. Bleak locale? Well, it is Colfax, but don’t think we’d call it bleak. Tortured protagonist? Actually, our head brewer is a pretty delightful guy and doesn’t seem to be haunted by his past. Dour locals? Our regulars are what make this place great. Ok, maybe this isn’t a candidate for a brooding, Scandinavian police procedural. I mean, how brooding can you be when you taste like Toasted Marshmallow, Birch Beer, Oloroso Sherry and Tobacco Leaf?