We currently release cans every other Friday - for dates check out our calendar here. Number of beers and volumes may vary. Details of each release are announced the week of via Instagram and Facebook.



Our bottle releases are hosted online with CraftCellr. Here are some tips to make the process run smoothly:

  • Please set up an account beforehand and opt-in for SMS alerts to receive updates and special offers!

  • Bottles will be available online until sold out.

  • We typically sell the majority of our inventory online. We will not have many (if any) additional bottles for purchase on-site.

  • Once purchased, bottles must be picked up during normal business hours during the designated pick up days. We do not have the space to store bottles beyond those days.

  • If you are not available to pickup your bottles during that timeframe, please do not make a purchase. No, you cannot send your girlfriend, boyfriend, aunt, grandma, brother or anyone besides yourself to come pick up your bottles.

  • We will not be providing refunds if you are not able to pick up your bottles during that timeframe. We simply just do not have the space to store inventory on-site.


  • You must be 21 or older to purchase and must be able to provide a valid ID that matches the name on the online order.

  • We do not allow proxies.

  • You must use your phone in order to claim your bottles when you arrive.

    ** PLEASE HAVE YOUR PHONES OUT READY TO GO IN ORDER TO EXPEDITE THE PROCESS. CraftCellr sends you a link the morning of pickup and you must follow instructions to claim your bottles. **

    We can deny sales to anyone. all sales are final. we have the ability to make changes to limits and pricing as we see fit.