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Market Research – Lagers

October 8, 2022

One of the things we love most about this industry is the way beer can bring people together – fostering connection, creativity, and the exchange of ideas. It gives us great joy to sip, discuss and bond over beer with friends. It’s this feeling that inspired our event series, MARKET RESEARCH.


A recurring Cerebral event featuring beers from breweries around the country, united by a central theme. This is our platform to showcase the hard work of breweries we admire with beer we love to drink.

The GABF theme = Lagers

Join us on Saturday, October 8th, and come prepared with a sampling plan as we embark on this collective case study of the industry landscape. Engage in data collection and spot emerging trends as we analyze an exhibition of beers from friends far and wide. This edition shines a spotlight on lagers – Lite, foeder-fermented, old school, and new, we’ll be sharing a spectrum from coast to coast.