Cerebral Brewing was founded in 2013 by Sean Buchan, Chris Washenberger, and Dan McGuire. Like most great ideas, Cerebral Brewing was conceived in a dimly lit bar over several good beers. Despite varied backgrounds, Sean, Chris, and Dan have united over a shared interest in good beer.

Sean Buchan

Head Brewer

Doctor of Physical Therapy turned Head Brewer, Sean latched onto brewing as a way out of the eternal emptiness that is American health care. After receiving a homebrew kit from good friends PJ and Jess, Sean fell headlong into this incredibly addicting “hobby”. Numerous awards and experience brewing alongside friends at professional breweries prompted Sean to make the best career move one could possibly make. If you see a tall, awkwardish guy lumbering around the brewery, that’s probably him. Take caution, as he’s easily startled.

Kaylin Dettman

Master of Ceremonies

Kaylin grew up in coastal southern California in a family of homebrewers, a tradition that influenced both her and her brother to love good beer and appreciate the work and love that go into the process. But it was getting a job at a restaurant with a serious, considered tap list that really changed things for her, in particular, the first piney, floral sip of a true west coast IPA. After that, there was no going back. If she’s not behind the bar charming the residents of Congress Park, she’s probably in the taproom organizing live music, fundraisers or any number of events for Cerebral. When not at Cerebral, Kaylin spends her time with her life partner dog Jobin and her dog walker husband Christian.

Chris Washenberger

Founding Member

Chris began homebrewing during college when some friends left town and could not take their homebrewing gear with them. As a microbiologist, the process was a great way to experiment with microorganisms at home. Several years ago, Chris started the Denver Homebrew Club which facilitated the beginning of the Cerebral Brewing partnership.

Sterling Hall

Saison Liaison

After spending several years drinking nothing but Dutch lager in The Netherlands, Sterling took a trip to Belgium that changed everything. Upon returning to the U.S., he did what many debt-laden grad students do and began tending bar across the American West, landing in Oregon, Alaska and finally Colorado. It was on that journey that he discovered how truly great American craft beer had become and that Belgium had a rightful heir. In celebration of this, he’s taken a solemn oath to drink, discuss, sell, eyeball, appraise, covet, purchase and horde great beer. You can find Sterling in the taproom doing any combination of the above or around town preaching the gospel for Cerebral.

Dan McGuire

Beer Financier

Based in Chicago, Dan is an international benefits consultant. One fateful day he hopped a plane to Denver to escape the soul-crushing Chicago winter. It was here that Dan discovered that drinking hand-crafted beer can be an inspiring experience. Not one to pass an open door in the biergarten of opportunity, Dan walked in and took a seat at the Cerebral Brewing table with Sean & Chris. Normally a cool, calm and collected guy – except when he isn’t – Dan brings some serious business savvy and spreadsheet wizardry to the team.

Sami Hartman

Pizza Gypsy

Born and raised in Denver, Sami has always felt she was destined to work in the craft beer industry. A short stint producing reality TV deterred her for a few years, but didn’t stop her from finally pursuing her passion. In the three years Sami has spent in the industry, she has worked for breweries of all shapes and sizes, passed her Certified Cicerone exam, and has finally found her forever home (yes, like a stray cat) at Cerebral. As the self-titled Pizza Gypsy, Sami is assuming the role of keg-slinging sales hustler. You can find her in the market preaching the good word of Cerebral and talking about how much she loves pugs. Remember, she has no volume control and only calls you a dummy because she cares.

1477 Monroe St.
Denver, Colorado 80206
(303) 927-7365


Beer is art. Beer is culture. Beer is science. Our goal at Cerebral Brewing is to combine scientific methodology with an artistic viewpoint to create extremely drinkable beers spanning a broad spectrum of styles.